Strong Supporter of the Second Amendment

I support the Second Amendment. I am a gun owner. I am a member of the National Rifle Association and of the local gun range, Point Blank. And I support the decisions of the United States Supreme Court related to the Second Amendment, which ruled that the Second Amendment is an individual right—as is every other right contained in the Bill of Rights—and not a collective right as argued by opponents in those cases.

I also support, as does the NRA, background checks to ensure criminals or mentally incompetent people aren’t purchasing guns. And I support responsible gun use, as every gun owner I know does. To that end, this past session I co-sponsored a bill that would hold adults responsible when they recklessly fail to store their firearm and allow it to be accessed by children. As an attorney I represent a young man who was shot in the face by a minor. When that happens, the adults should be held liable when their actions are negligent. I also co-sponsored a bill that would have prevented the sale of bump stocks. My position on bump stocks is consistent with that of the NRA, which I believe is an effort to prevent the end-run around the regulations of automatic weapons.

In sum, I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and of our constitutional right to own and possess firearms. Like all rights, of course, the right to own weapons is not without limits. I just believe those limits should be very few and designed to keep bad guys from owning and using guns, not law-abiding citizens.